IBH in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of IBH and the Crescent Global Group - where our first entity was established in Jeddah in 1986.  Although the group has grown to become a major global intermediary operating across various continents, it is in Saudi Arabia specifically where we view our expertise and added value as unparalleled. Over our 30 year history we have served most of the largest organizations in Saudi Arabia, witnessed the Saudi Arabian insurance industry grow from infancy, played an integral role in the development of the local industry alongside regulators and insurers, and developed a unique understanding of the market.

IBH invests exceptionally in its local capabilities in infrastructure, resources, and human capital. The solutions it provides its clients are unique, effective, and sustainable. We serve clients all over Saudi Arabia in major cities and remote regions.

  • Powerful and established local relationships
  • Exceptional local leverage
  • Exceptional and extensive infrastructure
  • Unique history and understanding of KSA insurance industry
  • Unparalleled local resources
  • Unique and creative solutions and services
  • Long term commitment to KSA