Corporate Fleets

Throughout the MENA and GCC, vehicles are often an organization’s largest assets. Fleets consisting of everything from forklifts to employee vehicles can come together to represent hundreds of millions of dollars of liabilities and risk exposure for clients. Group Motor Insurances, Contractors Plant and Machinery (CPM), Industrial Motor Fleets, and Luxury Motor fleets are some of the most common types of fleet insurances managed by IBH.

Ensuring a well-structured risk and insurance program is fundamental. Of equal importance is ensuring a servicing structure and platform that streamlines the management of fleet insurances and leads to uninterrupted usage of fleets. We go that extra mile.

IBH employs a number of unique tools to provide effective, well-managed, and cost contained fleet programs to its clients that include:

  • Cost Containment
  • IBH E-Services
  • Placement and Enrollment
  • Program Tracking and Reporting
  • Culture Building and Awareness