Motor Risk Management

Motor fleets often represent the largest asset base for organizations and a significant administrative burden. Rapidly increasing regional motor premiums tied directly to an organization’s fleet claims experience has led to dramatic increases in motor insurance premiums for many entities.

IBH understands that these premiums are directly related to an organizations loss experience and has developed unique and targeted tools aimed at containing its clients’ losses and claims experience. Motor Risk Management or what we like to call off-policy fleet support consists of:

  • Collating and analyzing loss histories
  • Identifying and understanding patterns
  • Benchmarking
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Awareness and orientation campaigns
  • Policy restructuring and optimization
  • Garage Network Optimization
  • Process engineering
This solution has saved clients millions of dollars in direct and indirect premiums. Other tools used to support this solution include, among others:

  • IBH E-Services
  • Placement and Enrollment
  • On-site servicing
  • Culture and Capability building