IBH offers extensive advisory and consultancy products on insurance and risk programs


We can provide our clients with general and specific advice on a variety of insurance and risk related issues. Advice can be client & company specific (e.g. insurance and risk program, country or industry risk exposures, regulations and compliance) or general counsel and advice on topics such as best practice and emerging trends.

Extensive advisory and consultancy products on insurance and risk programs can be especially attractive for the public sector, government agencies, and conglomerates with mega-programs. Unlike traditional brokerage services which are usually remunerated through brokerage commissions from insurers and reinsurers, consultancy services are provided in exchange for a set fee.

These services, depending on client preferences and requirements, can be used as an alternative to traditional brokerage services where daily administrative and operational service support is not required. IBH Consultancy services can also be utilized where clients wish to supervise and ensure the performance of an appointed broker. Recently popular consultancy products include:

  • Property Risk Management and Consulting
  • Medical Insurance Cost Containment (MediRisk)
  • Lenders and financiers’ advisory (advising financial institutions on insurance requirements for mega real estate developments being financed)
  • Government advisory
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Publicly Traded Entities (PTE) (advising on risk exposures specific to listed companies or entities undergoing Public Offerings)
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