Healthcare programs can quickly go from being an important added value benefit to a financial burden


It is fundamental from a commercial, ethical, and (in various jurisdictions) compliance perspective to ensure appropriate insurance plans that provide our clients’ employees and their families with effective coverage, access to major healthcare providers, and streamlined service.

We recognize, however, that unless properly and continuously managed and planned, healthcare programs can quickly go from being an important added value benefit provided by organizations to a financial burden that is unsustainable in the mid/long term, a source for employee dissatisfaction, and a major administrative burden for employers.

Inflation in healthcare costs, abuse amongst insured populations stemming from a general lack of awareness, and changing regional regulations and landscapes are leading to significant increases in medical insurance premiums regionally. To help our clients navigate through these elements and contain medical premiums IBH has developed a unique and effective solution that combines a wide range of services including:

  • Strategic program definition and benchmarking
  • Program tracking and loss performance reviews and analysis
  • Identification of abuse, utilization trends, and other areas of improvement
  • Corporate awareness and orientation programs
  • Real Loss History / Ratio definition
  • Program restructuring, customization, and placement
  • Network definition and Customization
  • Class distribution
  • Process Engineering
  • Employee Communications
  • Corporate Governance
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