IBH provides unparalleled and effective regional Health Insurance Solutions for all its clients


A unique, grass-roots presence across the Middle East and GCC, allows IBH and the Crescent Global Group to provide its clients with unparalleled and effective regional Health Insurance Solutions for its regional and multi-national clients. More and more global blue-chip organizations are relying on IBH to help them navigate through the various elements. Benefits of such programs include:

  • Optimized prices through economies of scale
  • Streamlined and consolidated servicing platforms
  • Management Visibility and Control
  • Aligned benefits and platforms across multiple territories
  • Elimination of brown-enveloping
  • Long term strategic planning and structuring
  • Optimized benefits and services

What sets us apart:

  • Unique history and experience with self-funded schemes and TPAs
  • Exceptional insight into local/regional requirements and trends
  • Grass roots understanding of culture and mind-sets
  • Credible and proven relationships with key insurers and underwriters
  • Deep understanding of and history with regional healthcare providers
  • Extensive and effective infrastructure and operating platform
  • Seasoned experts with relevant experience
  • Proven track-record with multinational clients
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