IBH and the Crescent Global Group are at the heart of the international reinsurance industry


Many risks throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC/MENA are too large and/or complex to place directly with local insurers. They need to be directly marketed to and placed with experienced and financially able reinsurance markets around the world while adhering to local regulations.

At the heart of the international reinsurance industry, IBH is specialize in the placement and management of such risks. We focus on giving reinsurers the visibility they need to provide an effective solution, and have built strong and tested relationships with lead underwriters to support our clients.

IBH specializes in complex solutions revolving around layered, non-proportional, and XOL facultative placements. We provide support for everything from large manufacturing facilities and warehouse risks to financial institutions and Public Sector Entities. A number of tools are used to make this solution effective including:

  • Risk Management and Consulting
  • Reinsurance Support and Placements
  • Treaty and Binding Authorities
  • Placement and Enrollment
  • Layered placements
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