As organizations expand across a more globalized world their insurance and risk management requirements expand considerably with them. Increasingly sophisticated, mulit-layered, and cross geographic insurance programs now require agile, dynamic, and effective servicing solutions to deal with multiple global stakeholders. IBH360 was created with these clients in mind. Based in the UK, IBH 360 is a full spectrum solution carefully developed over a decade internally for clients that offers a different set of benefits from traditional brokerage services. It fills servicing gaps, centralizes decision-making, and optimizes terms and prices for clients by dealing with carefully curated global partners (brokers, insurers, reinsurers, lawyers, etc.) willing to contribute to client specific global solutions.


IBH360 currently deals with over 150 partners in over 120 territories worldwide. Its comprehensive client solutions bring visibility to opaque insurance markets, allow for flexibility and strong quality control mechanisms, and avoid conflicts of interest. By bringing this flexibility we are able to pick the right partners that deliver the right value for our clients in specific markets, bundle the overall solution into a high impact servicing mechanism, and maintain centralized control and visibility for our clients while delivering highly optimized price and coverage benefits.


Currently IBH360 is most active with clients looking for support across Africa, Central Asia, and other frontier markets. Please reach out to us for further elaboration on specific servicing structures.

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