The world is moving fast and IBH aims to move fast with it. We understand the deep value of technology and the benefits it can bring to our industry in terms of scaling, discoverability, education, customer journey enhancements/growth, and long term custom experience. Through a dedicated unit at IBH we are always looking for collaboration and partnership opportunities with like-minded Tech led start-ups. Opportunities to bring more value to future mutual clients.

In the Middle East we are industry leaders in this space. We offer support platforms, SaaS and PlaaS models, capital, and strategic support to partners looking to explore insurance opportunities on their platforms. Our Tech team and experience, understanding of key metrics, unit economics, and industry dynamism make us preferred partners for various start-up and traditional businesses looking to explore insurance opportunities during their evolution.

Upon request we can share internal initiatives, existing partnerships, and capability details. Please reach out to us if you have interest in exploring this space if you can see your company as a future platform.

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